Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a type of internet marketing that employs various online digital tools to promote products or services online. The key to Social Media Marketing is a company’s ability to connect with its audience by giving them relevant, timely content that speaks to their needs. The process can be achieved through content creation, engagement, community building and advertisement strategies for promotions.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media marketing has the potential to reap a variety of benefits for a business or organization in the following ways:

1. Higher conversion rates

Todd Gossar runs the social media for this pharmaceutical roller compaction company and also for Witkowski Dental notes “Conversion rates have been proven significantly higher when using social media as a marketing channel. A company that uses this type of marketing strategy can directly interact with their customers, which is enhanced by using mobile devices. When customers interact on mobile devices, there is a higher chance that they will make a purchase. Additionally, when you implement this type of digital marketing strategy, you can keep your audience engaged over time, leading to stronger customer loyalty and increased sales.”

2. Improved Search Engine Rankings

Don Marty runs the marketing for True Medspa Center and also for Total Paving and says “Using social media as a marketing channel will help you improve your search engine rankings. Customers who use these digital channels to interact with your brand will include the sites in their search results. An effective social media marketing strategy should be based on a well-thought-out keyword strategy that focuses on customer needs and interests.”

3. More inbound traffic

Greg Jones runs the marketing for Body Tech Total Fitness and also for Gift Check Program and notes “The more you have as clients, the more inbound traffic you receive from search engines simply because you connect with your audience. When customers see a post they like or follow, they will likely seek out your brand in the future. More traffic leads to more leads which will result in more business for your company.”

4. Increase customer loyalty

A social media marketing campaign will help increase customer loyalty by allowing your customers to interact with your brand on an ongoing basis. This marketing strategy also allows you to create a dialogue with these customers, forming a connection they can continue to relate to over time. This is especially beneficial if they consider making purchases or asking for support.

5. Free marketing

When using social media, you promote your brand to people who have come to your website through search engines. This means that people will arrive at your site and are not necessarily interested in purchasing but instead want to learn more about your product or service. This gives you free marketing by word of mouth and the ability to offer discounts, free shipping, coupons and other special offers.

6. Increase brand awareness

Social media marketing helps increase your brand awareness because when customers see a post, they are likely to be attracted to it. This is because your public relations department has used keywords in the title and the post’s content to ensure that this content will be seen by people interested in your company. The information provided by social media can also help you get more publicity through search engines and blogs.


Social media marketing is an excellent way to promote your product or service to today’s customers because they spend more time on the Internet. When you develop a social media marketing campaign, it should be based on your customers’ needs and reinforced through ongoing communication focused on product updates, industry news and sales promotions.